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Unser Vater / Vater unser

Tischlerei (Deutsche Opera Berlin). 2021

World Premiere

Composition: Sehyung Kim

Libretto: Peter Neugschwentner

Sehyung Kim's work deals with the influence of totalitarian dogmas on people and the concept of freedom.

Transferring the action to a post-apocalyptic factory where productivity has become the only creed of the human race, this staging raises the question of how far we are capable of freeing ourselves from our beliefs and thought patterns as a society and if we could truly create new realities without repeating the schemes from which we try to escape from.

Musical direction: Manuel Nawri

Stage direction: Ana Cuéllar Velasco

Dramaturg: Giulia Fornasier

Scenography and costumes: Âmir Baltic

Video: Brian Hose


Lucinde: Felicia Brembeck

Samuela: Lyudmila Maytak

Vater: Daesoon Kim

Figuration: Clara-Sophie Freitag, Hilde Haberland, Pauline Pyras, Katharina Thäle, Friederike Brendler

Photos: Jakob Tillmann and Eiki Walkenhorst

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