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The Bartered Bride (Die verkaufte Braut)


Studiosaal Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin. 2020

Reinterpretation of the Smetana classic.

Hans and Marie are the most famous presenter couple on television. Both have been hosting the live dating show "Liebestraum" for years, in which every night a lucky man or woman finds the love of their life.

One day, the director of the chain, proposes to Hans to leave the program to lead the next successful program "Poly-poly-polyamory" by himself. Hans accepts excitedly, thus leaving his partner, Marie, in the lurch and jobless. She finds out about the betrayal during the break in the program and they will have to keep their tempers when they return live, or not...

In this staging, the betrayal of the beloved is transferred to a work level. 

Based on Smetana's music, with new spoken texts and a rock band that reinterprets passages from Smetana's opera.

Text spoken and sung in German. 

Music Director: Yifan Sun

Stage direction: Ana Cuéllar

Scenography: Lilith Baumgarten

Costume designer: Eleanor Sintes

Video: Elionor Sintes and Ana Cuéllar

Marie: Julia Shelkowskaia

Hans: Lawrence Halksworth
Director: Gordon Plank
WenzelAdam Schiffer
Emerald: Chiara Jarrell
Indianer: Bruno Meichsner
Actor: Alexander Martschewski
Band: Mareike Hess, George Wilson, Jan Slak

Live cameras: Nimo Wöginger and Andrea Tortosa Baquero

Figuration: Paul Jannicke and Giulia Fornasier


Photos: Anna Thiessen

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