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Dido and Aeneas

H. Purcell

Studiosaal Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin. 2018

The queen of Carthage, a powerful woman who was able to raise an entire empire on her own, is devastated by the sudden departure of her beloved Aeneas, to such an extent that she decides to let herself die.

A staging that delves into the trauma of abandonment and the danger of being trapped in the memories of the past and in the projections of a future that will never happen.

Based on music by Henry Purcell and texts by Francisco de Quevedo.

Musical direction: Oliver Wunderlich

Stage direction and video projections: Ana Cuéllar Velasco

Scenography: Larah Rosswag

Costume designer: Lilith Baumgarten

Lighting: Ana Cuéllar Velasco, Larah Rosswag and Lilith Baumgarten

Dido: Fanny Soyer

Aeneas: Adam Schiffer

Sorceress: Dominika Koscielniak

First Witch: Kristin Gudmundsdóttir

Second Witch: Agata Kuczmera

First Sailor: Gordon Plank

Chorus: Julia Debowska, Chiara Jarrell, Ireene Ollino, Kristaps Ivanovs, Fermin Basterra, Bruno Meichsner, Rory Green

Photos: Jakob Tillmann and Ana Cuellar

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