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​Bésame mucho

Neuköllner Oper Berlin. 2023

World Premiere

Text and idea: Bernhard Glocksin and Albert Tola

​Music: Malte Giesen

"Bésame mucho" tells the story of two composers who, although they did not live at the same time, fate, their lives and above all their music were intertwined with each other. With the piano as the main character and through the life of Enrique Granados and Consuelo Velázquez, the work focuses on the power of music and specifically of composition as a cathartic act between the forces of Eros and Thanatos that govern life.

Stage direction: Ana Cuéllar Velasco

Dramaturg: Giulia Fornasier

Scenography and costumes: Elionor Sintes

Lighting: Ana Cuéllar Velasco

Enrique Granados (among others): Christian Camino

Consuelo Velázquez (among others): Ana Schwedhelm

Pianist and actress: Danai Vritsiou

Trumpeter and actor: Lukas Fröhlich / Fabian Engwicht

Photos: Thomas Koy

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